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durawood garden love seat

all it needs is sunshine and a parasol... The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes finding the best for YOU

Isle of Wight £50 Sep 18-12:19  
hand waxed pine furniture

gorgeous! clean, tidy, sturdy, fit to go in your home. We're well pleased to find something this good for you. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes bringing you the best furniture we can find

Isle of Wight £140 Sep 18-12:17  
variety of kiddie toys for you, all one price

£2.50 for any toy. Vacuum cleaner, bus, push along toys, buttons to press toys... some are in the window, others are on the shop floor. We know who had them, they've been looked after. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes thinking of your little ones as summer slides away

Isle of Wight £2.50 Sep 14-15:07  
two super wicker baskets

logs, perhaps? these are a good size for storage, especially the round one. You can't have too much storage space and now it's getting colder and we're closing in for Autumn, you need things like this. They are being sold separately, you don't have to have both (although that would be nice for us...) They're £10 each The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes thinking ahead for you

Isle of Wight £10 Sep 14-15:04  
two nice fireguards - it's getting colder...

time to think fires, time to think safety even if you use these to protect your little ones from ordinary electric fires - now there's a thought for you. On offer, a three panelled foldaway one, 10. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes looking out for the safety of you and those you love

Isle of Wight £10 Sep 14-15:01  
nice push bike - needs TLC

front forks need attention, other than that, a bike to last you into winter, (when it's too pesky cold to ride bikes) - we haven't had a bike for ages, if you're needing one, get in quick. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes looking out for things you might need - then bringing them to you.

Isle of Wight £15 Sep 14-14:59  
tools and tools and more tools

power tools (scrapers, BNIB x 2 for a start) jigsaw still boxed, bowl full of bits and pieces, little tub of screwdrivers, little tub of spanners, box of all sorts, screws, nails, everything a DIY person needs and then a few things you didn't know you needed. Power tools are around the £10 level, other bits £1 a time. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes offers you a huge range of - well, bits -

Isle of Wight £10 Sep 11-12:15  
we have new vintage darts bits

sounds silly but we got these items from a long closed down shop so they are actually vintage and actually brand new at the same time. Do you have vintage darts? Not sure these fit today's superflight darts, but come take a look anyway, At 25p per packet you're not taking a huge risk... The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes ever looking for something different for you.

Isle of Wight £0.25 Sep 11-12:07  
huge Guinness bar rug!

before I forget, it's 71 inches by 46 inches and about .00001 thick... super condition, great for your pub or a man den or a statement in your lounge or something to dream of in the bedroom (great bedside rug for the bachelors amongst you!) or... Please come buy this. It's stopping me opening the kitchen door properly. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes looks for the unusual to sell to the discerning ...

Isle of Wight £75 Sep 11-11:48  
old solid fascinating trunk

old, definitely, solid, still got its handle and original key, no less, history, there's a sticker on the corner which says KEEP OUT, NOTHING IN THIS BOX EXCEPT GRANNY'S THINGS, BOTTLES. TIM the Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes doesn't stop searching for interesting things for you.

Isle of Wight £50 Sep 6-14:19  
unusual useful cabinets

we have two of them, they have three drawers each, each drawer partitioned into three...can't be bad to help you sort out your possessions! We will sell separately if you only want one. (£45 each) The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes once again finding quality items for quality people.

Isle of Wight £45 Sep 5-14:47  
for dedicated model makers only

a part built model of Captain Cook's ship Endeavour, together with instructional DVD and all the magazines you need (with their parts) to complete the model. One to while away the long winter evenings when the TV's dull and the weather's foul... The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes surprising you with outstanding items

Isle of Wight £225 Sep 5-14:37  
really nice black office type chair

stainless steel stand. You could fall asleep in this one, not good for trying to work... come give it a try. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes, intrepid hunters of quality items for you.

Isle of Wight £25 Sep 5-14:34  
got us some reels and some rods

the one I want to draw your attention to is the 14' 6" Conaflex, new UK hooks coaster, rebuilt with Fuji style guides, good condition. There are others and there are reels, too. Check the photos, come visit us. The price stated is for the Conaflex. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes says - take some time out, go fishing!

Isle of Wight £80 Aug 29-15:14  
this gets complicated, so...

what I'm gonna say is... we have boat windows, skinny ones, bunk ones, a hatch, big ones, square ones... different prices but as a guide, they start at £45 a pair. Best thing to do is come see them for yourself, buy what's right for your boat and forget the rest... tis a good time of thinking about what you're gonna do with your boat this Autumn/Winter, maintenance that is. Think about these windows. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes is all at sea right now... we need space to bring us ...

Isle of Wight £45 Aug 29-15:11  
super big super solid beech cabinet

shelves, drawers, cupboards.... this is a good one for those of you in CP land who don't mind a bit of work, wants a rub down and some wax, it will glow for you. It has a bulb in place to illuminate the shelves and everything!! The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes has lots of goodies for you good people. Come and see us,.

Isle of Wight £40 Aug 29-15:03  
Scott seed distributor

in nice condition, perfect for you when you want to give our lawn a boost after the awful summer we've had. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes looking out for the welfare of your garden as well as you.

Isle of Wight £10 Aug 29-15:00  
Harley Davidson radio controlled bike

with box, with batteries, with instructions... go have yourself a good time playing revved up motorbike games! The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes putting fun into your life

Isle of Wight £50 Aug 29-14:59  
motorcycle boots size 6 - hiking, biking or ?

great boots. This heatwave won't last so think winter, think warm, (boots are boots, aren't they?) think biking and think Old Curiosity Shop has the curious item of a pair of small biker boots. Come see them. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes living up to its name

Isle of Wight £10 Aug 21-12:44  
we have 7 Chinese dragon kites wanting to fly

2 half grown horrors and 5 baby dragons are waiting to fly the roost (their nests are called roosts, apparently, don't know why) and they will look super superb in your house, hanging from the ceiling, pinned to the wall, all the glorious hand painted scales on view to everyone.,.. half grown = £25 each, baby = £20 each. Come get one while we have them. You could always fly them as a kite, as a last resort... The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes busy transforming the shop yet again so you h...

Isle of Wight £25 Aug 21-11:55