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Goblin steam cleaner BNIB (yes, more!)

not been out of the wrapping! You'll need this for the Spring clean we know you're gonna do, aren't you? The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes still working to find the best for you

Isle of Wight £35 Jan 10-14:23
nice little coal effect electric fire

it's all securely shut behind doors... gives a warm looking glow - and lots of heat, which you're gonna need, like it or not,. we're not out of the woods yet!! The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes looking out for things you might need (furniture coming all the time now!)

Isle of Wight £45 Jan 10-14:21
Polly's Tea Party

BNIB collectable doll, designed by Sarah Krew. Never been out of the box, poor little thing. Give her some breathing space in your home, yes? The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes still looking for BNIB stuff for you, just to prove we're not all second hand...

Isle of Wight £15 Jan 10-14:18
Groundworks boots - hardly used - size 12

there's a hint of dirt on these, but hardly used, for sure. Should last you years. Ready for the heavy work, so they are,. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes working to bring you the best we can find

Isle of Wight £10 Jan 10-14:03
Flintoff black oxfrord shoes size 11

yet another BNIB! how good are we? Smart for a wedding, evening out, returning to the days when people got dressed up smart and all, not like some of the sights ... The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes bringing you another box of first class shoes. Lucky guys!

Isle of Wight £10 Jan 10-14:01
neat little (looks like new) electronic safe

this is nice and useful at the same time, won't take up loads of room but will keep your documents safe. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes thinking of your needs all the time.

Isle of Wight £25 Jan 8-14:35
attractive elegant art deco lamp

beautifully designed girl as part of the base - get this one while you can at a giveaway price The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes looking for the nice things for the nice people who visit our shop

Isle of Wight £10 Jan 8-14:32
solid traditional enchanting bird bath

which leaves me nothing left to say... The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes bringing the best to the best - that I CAN say!

Isle of Wight £65 Jan 8-14:30
Super Smart Suede Boots

listen up, there's a lot more cold days to come before Spring appears on the island again, so how about treating yourself to these super soft suede boots? Thing is...I bought them from ebay not realising the heels were going to be a tad high for me, (arthritis kicking in, excuse pun) so they Have To Go. Size 5. Come and try them on. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes having a post-Christmas clear out, which will be of benefit to all of you.

Isle of Wight £10 Jan 2-15:44
Astrostar kit

it's a complicated piece of kit that, when assembled and set by compass for wherever you are, will show you the heavens, projected onto your ceiling. Just tell me, how clever is that??????????????? I'm sure there's ultra smart kids on the island who will put this together in record time and love using it. Do you know one like that? The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes looking for good things to bring you this good New Year.

Isle of Wight £10 Jan 2-15:40
rustic pine table

this is nice!! square, solid, got a useful base shelf, you're bound to find a hundred uses for this table, which will last you years, if you speak nicely to it. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes putting themselves back together again after a rough old holiday time!

Isle of Wight £20 Jan 2-11:55
football memorabilia

got a load of this still, Pompey/Southampton book, football magazines from all sorts of clubs from all sorts of places in the UK, but a lot of Southampton, got to say... vintage football books with b/w photos, loads of stuff. Come and browse. (various prices - magazines are £1 each) The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes gearing up for a great 2018, right alongside you!

Isle of Wight £1 Jan 1-19:53
complete box set Georgian door handles, hinges etc

looking to make some changes in 2018 and smarten up a door? This box set is waiting for you - and we really need to move it on to make room for our new plans and promises for the future... The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes, been poorly, back and ready to face the world, so we are! Come see us soon.

Isle of Wight £20 Jan 1-19:48
Mellowed pine vanity mirror, a must-have item!

take a look at this and see how good you look framed in mellow pine! The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes planning changes for 2018, including furniture. Come see us and buy some of our really nice items. So many say 'I love shops like this' but if you don't buy, we won't be able to go on!

Isle of Wight £15 Jan 1-19:46
pretty traditional full length mirror

this is in danger of being cracked at some point, we're planning changes to the shop floor and it's on the shop floor. You need something to show you how pretty you are... so... here's a pretty mirror for you to look into and at. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes - been poorly, so we have, but we're back and full of bounce!

Isle of Wight £20 Jan 1-19:43