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City Price Storefront
oil on canvas, Carisbrooke Castle

fine painting of the Entrance Gate to the castle, signed and everything. It's been in my office for some years, time it had a new home, like, on your wall instead. The castle gate needs something different to look at. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes has nothing but good things in store, come and see us before this lot goes and we have to go buying a new lot to keep you happy.

Isle of Wight £15 Jun 20-13:48  
Ex Saunders Roe tool cabinet

your chance to own a piece of history and have a useful cabinet for your tools, screws, nails, nuts, bolts... The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes finding the unusual as only we can!

Isle of Wight £30 Jun 20-13:36  
Recorders, flutes, whstles, etc

come and see this collection of wind instruments, from recorders to a Scottish bagpipe practice chanter, There's also a harmonica. They're behind glass, safely stored. Prices start at £5 and end at £10, so we won't bankrupt you if you come buying. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes bringing music into your life

Isle of Wight £5 Jun 20-13:31  
BNIB Yale lock

you might be replacing a door, you might need to replace a lock... cos the keys have gone walkabout... tis a nice Yale, in its box, with all its bits. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes being aware you often want the ordinary things in life alongside the funny/quirky/nice things. So here's one of them.

Isle of Wight £10 Jun 19-11:12  
BBC Star Trek annual 1974

which means it's officially old. Cover has damage, inside looks clean, no scribbles or stains. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes delving into the past to find things for you to collect

Isle of Wight £5 Jun 19-11:02  
hand made wooden tractor

from a time when people cared enough to make toys for their offspring - there's this lovely tractor and trailer. Nothing here to harm anyone, no plastic-y bits to break off and damage someone. What are you waiting for? It's being taken care of at the moment by two Beanie Toys (we have loads) but they won't mind giving it up. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes indulging in nostalgia, our favourite hobby

Isle of Wight £20 Jun 19-10:09  
so we have this - thing ... bed support, is it?

whatever, you'll know what it is and how useful it will be to you. It's brand new as you can see, all of £5 (soo expensive) and might make the difference in you getting up easily and you struggling, right? The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes working flat out to find things to help YOU

Isle of Wight £5 Jun 18-15:16  
pill box, a compartment for each part of each day

this is so useful for those of you who have to take a load of pills, the days are divided into morning, lunch, tea, night and you can't go wrong with that layout, can you? They're in a folder, with snap fastening and all. With holidays coming up, it's a good thing to think about. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes helping you look after you

Isle of Wight £5 Jun 18-15:15  
super large wooden dice

great ornament! Good for mood changes, go from 6 to 1 on the bad days and 1 to 6 on the good days... The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes finding and selling the unusual when we can

Isle of Wight £5 Jun 18-15:11  
two US police hats - said to be genuine

we'd like to shift them if we can, so if it tickles your fancy to do a Village People theme at some time, come try on one of these hats, or buy it as a fun present for a fun friend. Price is per hat. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes looking for the different, the unusual, to offer to you

Isle of Wight £20 Jun 18-15:10  
skulls... two of them...

one is your bog standard Treasure Island 'I'm dead' staring eyes skull and the other is all teeth and eyes with a girl staked out across it... waiting for the hero to rescue her. They're great. They're £5 each. Come soon, before they decompose. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes, walking the horror line (along with a stack of brand new horror anthologies we need to shift!)

Isle of Wight £5 Jun 18-15:05  
craft workers, embroiderers, knitters...

illuminated magnifying glass clips to the edge of something, brings you all the light you need so you don't strain your eyes. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes taking care of you - so you can be around a lot longer and continue to buy from us - not that we have ulterior motives, perish the thought...

Isle of Wight £5 Jun 15-11:15  
not a computer but a cooler for a computer

keep your laptop running sweet, no overheating and nasty smells from frying circuits - we hope The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes looking after your interests and saving you money on repair bills

Isle of Wight £5 Jun 15-11:12  
vintage wedding dress for tiny person

this comes with its original box, it's a Maryon model dress, size 8 we think, in good condition. It's got some marks on it but for a fancy dress party or amateur dramatics performance. it's perfect. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes thinks of you all the time, you see...

Isle of Wight £35 Jun 14-15:38  
BNIP infra red oven

that's Brand New In Packaging, in case you were wondering... tis wrapped up ready for you - The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes displaying a whole load of new stock. Come and see it - before it goes!

Isle of Wight £20 Jun 14-15:33  
TWO induction hobs

which means first person through the door who wants one gets to choose and you get the one left over... (LOL) price is per hob The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes sorting out the best for the best

Isle of Wight £25 Jun 14-15:31  

big selection, starting at £30 for the big one, going down to £5 for hand sized ones. Loads of memories, loads of fun- The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes ever looking for something different for you!

Isle of Wight £30 Jun 14-15:24  
toy cars!!

military, Dinky, Matchbox and Corgi cars on offer, starting at £3 for little 'uns up to £10 for big 'uns... The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes has excelled itself in finding something to bring out the kid that still lives in you

Isle of Wight £3 Jun 14-15:15  
VAX 508 Pet vacuum cleaner

you know you need it... come get it ASAP, these go very fast - as fast as the cleaning you can do with this bit of kit The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes, now reduced to scouring the island to find things for you - and succeeding!!

Isle of Wight £20 Jun 12-14:34  
remember the bagatelle?

we have one, with all its pins, numbers and balls!!! It doesn't come much better than that. The Old Curiosity Shop of East Cowes even visiting the mainland to bring back goodies for you!

Isle of Wight £25 Jun 11-13:01