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10 abstract designs. Easy pull out pages. Good for older children and adults. Perfect colour therapy. Will take you a LONG TIME to colour in. £2 each or if you buy 3 or more then they are £1.50 each. Brilliant to keep you occupied on "I don't know what to do" days. 1000 available. The price can be negotiated for large quantities.

Isle of Wight


Dec 3-9:05


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Super self-contained ant habitat with secure lid. Nasa engineered & tested in space - the first & only ant habitat to be tested in zero gravity. Catch the ants & watch them dig. The Gel's transparency enables easy observation of the ants creating beautiful 3D tunnels. Ants not included - they will need to be collected from the wild. £30 in the shops.

Isle of Wight


Dec 3-9:03